Associate Partner for Mobilization

Employer Name Global Zero   Address 1835 7th St NW
Job Type Full-time, Permanent   Address 2 #105
Experience 2 - 5 Years   City Washington
Education Any   State Washington, DC
  Zip Code 20001

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Job Description

Global Zero seeks a talented organizer and creative mobilization strategist who is committed to ending the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons and securing justice for communities harmed by the nuclear weapons complex.

The Associate Partner for Mobilization will be on the front line of our work to build a movement to eliminate nuclear weapons globally. In this position, you will leverage the smarts of a diverse team of campaigners, a global community of senior political leaders, military commanders and national security experts, a growing group of young volunteer activists, a widely recognized and respected international brand, and 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) capabilities. Youíll help us combine creative and bold campaigns with a sophisticated grassroots infrastructure, robust volunteer leadership program, and clear action opportunities that equip people with the information, tools, and community they need to speak truth to power and pressure decision-makers to act.


Global Zero is spearheading an audacious campaign to eradicate all nuclear weapons everywhere in our lifetime and unlock a world of possibility beyond the bomb.

We donít believe global security can be built on threats of mass destruction. We reject the narrative that insists we accept the enormous risks these weapons pose to our communities and our planet. We refuse to be complicit in the undemocratic, unjust, and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the push of a button. And we will not stand idly by while nuclear-armed governments pursue dangerous plans that make nuclear conflict all but inevitable.

This year, weíve undertaken a radical reimagining of our work. Leading with our values and bringing a campaign-strategy mindset to everything we do, weíve pioneered a pathbreaking new organizational model that:

-Carries forward an intersectional, multi-pronged, cross-functional approach to building movements and influencing policy;
-Couples feminist and anti-racist leadership principles with an experimental -mindset;
-Replaces traditional departments and hierarchies in favor of a flatter partnership where roles are mapped to core needs; and
-Prioritizes institutional agility, radical candor and transparency, systems thinking, and whole person support.

The Job

We canít persuade governments to take bold action if we donít expand our audience, build power, and win the story wars. We need you at the table to ensure that targeted and effective grassroots organizing and powerbuilding is a major pillar of our strategy.

As Associate Partner for Mobilization, youíll be tasked with leading regional field organizing, implementing our grassroots strategy, developing our volunteer leadership, and managing our #FutureFirst Fellowship program, ensuring that we are building a powerful movement for disarmament that cannot be ignored. This is a rare opportunity ó at a unique moment of transformation and possibility ó to take a central role at a high-profile and influential organization working at every level to rid the world of nuclear weapons and change the way we think about and manifest security.

In this position, youíll lead Global Zeroís campaign and mobilization efforts in key regions across the country by organizing activists, developing materials, executing trainings, managing volunteers, managing our #FutureFirst fellowship program, and leading direct actions that earn media and attention from decision-makers. You will bring to the table prior organizing experience (paid or volunteer), high attention to detail, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and a passion for justice. This is a terrific opportunity for a self-starter to help build a movement at the intersection of foreign policy, advocacy, and culture shift.

The Associate Partner for Mobilization will lead the following domains (areas of work):
-Regional field organizing: Execute Global Zeroís campus and community organizing efforts with an emphasis on recruitment, retention, activation, and locally-targeted movement building. Elevate and organize the work of our field activists by conveying campaign priorities via phone and email, developing campaign materials, running online trainings and calls, and tracking and reporting on metrics.
-BombSquad development: Recruit, develop, guide, and promote the work of our volunteer leaders by running online trainings and calls, establishing and managing volunteers toward leadership goals, and tracking and reporting on metrics.
-#FutureFirst Fellows: Management of our #FutureFirst Fellowship program, an organizing fellowship aimed at progressive young people. This includes recruiting fellows, reviewing applications, establishing the cohort curriculum and activities, engaging other staff in work as needed/relevant, and executing the plan.

In addition, the selected candidate will support work in the following domains led by other staff:
-Grassroots strategy: Plan and execute large scale mobilizations to draw media and public attention to the threat nuclear weapons pose.
-Policy maker engagement: Local targeting, advocacy, and lobbying of key decision-makers.
-Impacted community liaising: Work with impacted communities pod to ensure our advocacy meaningfully engages and reflects the needs of those communities.
-Partnership and aligned movement engagement: Through coalition work or one-on-one engagement, collaborate with representatives from aligned organizations and movements to further our collective work.
-Urgent actions: Mobilize rapid response actions.
-Digital advocacy: Build activism tools in programs such as Action Network, national email campaigns, blog posts, and social media to advance key policy objectives. Edit and review volunteer blog submissions for tone, clarity and accuracy.
-Content development: Draft clear, concise, and engaging content that translates complex nuclear weapons issues into engaging narratives to help us build our movement (donít worry, you donít have to be an issue expert to do this).

How To Apply

We are looking for someone who is comfortable working both independently and in teams, highly responsive, and able to lead initiatives as well as take direction from others. If thatís you, please click here to submit a cover letter, resume, and samples of your work.

Nuclear weapons threaten every person on Earth and disproportionately harm women and communities of color ó and our work must reflect that fact. Global Zero is committed to cultivating and supporting a workplace rooted in the values of diversity, equity, justice, and belonging. We understand continuous learning, meaningful reflection, radical candor, and leading by example in our interactions with others both within and outside our organization are vital to achieve our goals and foster a safe work environment for everyone. We provide structured and unstructured opportunities for anti-bias development and growth to staff and volunteers and build just and proactive organizational policies to ensure we are living our truth in all we do as an organization ó and in partnership with the broader movements in which we operate.

We're committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement and recognize that's impossible without first building a diverse and inclusive team. We welcome applications from all, and especially encourage those who have been traditionally sidelined from nuclear policy and advocacy ó including women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQ folks ó to apply.

Required Skills

-Have at least 2 years of field organizing or campaign experience (paid or volunteer will be considered);
-Are intellectually curious by nature and have a knack for solving puzzles through strategic thinking;
-Are highly organized and occasionally (OK, frequently) described by your peers as ďa tiny bit obsessiveĒ about details;
-Take initiative in everything you do, and understand how to work in deep collaboration;
-Are enthusiastic about experimenting and learning from mistakes, but also respect metrics and outcomes;
-Can communicate clearly orally and in writing;
-Are digitally active on social media platforms and excited to learn about digital campaigning in issue advocacy;
-Arenít afraid to ask questions and challenge assumptions;
-Can multitask like a boss and keep cool under pressure;
-Wonít be spiritually crushed by thinking about nuclear weapons and existential threats on the regular; Are ready to turn out yourself and activists to all sorts of progressive rallies, marches, sit-ins, vigils, press conferences, etc., with supplies, signs, and your yelling voice;
-Prepared to travel for field visits and work occasional intense hours;
-Are eager to help shape a stronger and more intentional culture of impact, trust, empathy, and belonging; and
-Have a commitment to integrity, inclusion, compassion, and totally crushing it on the job.


Do you have other skills that we should know about? Here are a few things we think are great but not required:
-Familiarity with Wordpress, Action Network, and social media platforms;
-Phone banking, canvassing, and storytelling ninja;
-Spanish language proficiency; and, finally,
-Karaoke artistry and lockpicking (just in case).

Description of Benefits: Salary / Commissions / Bonuses / Other

The Setup

This is a full-time exempt position being filled at the Associate Partner (II) level, which sits in our $60,000-$80,000 pay band and requires relevant skill proficiency.

Other benefits include:
-6 weeks paid leave, 1 week of paid sick leave, and 12 weeks paid parental leave;
-Platinum-level health insurance for you and your family at no cost to you;
-Four-day work weeks (and no, we donít mean squeezing five days into four);
-10% retirement contributions, work from home allowances, professional development expenses; and
-Talented, compassionate, and occasionally hilarious colleagues who are committed to the idea that this vital work can and must be joyful.

We do our best to strike a balance between the needs of individuals and the organization. Itís a lot of asynchronous work, virtual work sessions, and online project management/tracking that relies heavily on platforms like Slack, Asana, and Mural.

While a number of staff are located in the Washington, DC area, weíre a remote-first operation and able to hire from any geographic location.